Featured Friday: Getting to Know Kristina, of Peacock and Lime


I like to consider myself a curator of stories. I thoroughly enjoy collecting the journeys of artisans, and small business owners, that rock the marketplace with their creative genius. The privilege of sharing their lives with my readers, is not something I take lightly.

I’m always amazed by the artistic expression of these beautiful souls. And, Kristina, of Peacock and Lime, is a smashing example of perseverance and stamina, beyond measure. She is definitely a boss babe in the industry. And, I’m so happy to share her beautiful business and creations with you.


SG: Tell me a little bit about when you decided to go “pro” in the sense of when you decided to dedicate yourself to your art/business. Give us a little example of what that meant to you. (What pushed your creating from amateur level to professional?)

P&L: I have always had my fingers in something creative, dabbling here and there with various mediums. Going “pro” came about almost by accident … born out of people asking me to recreate things I had made as gifts for friends and family, or pieces I had made for myself. I realized that people were actually interested in what I made, and it was a perfect opportunity for having an income while still being able to stay at home for my kids.


SG: Was there someone you admired when you were young that inspired you to be an artist yourself?

P&L: I grew up in a very creative extended family. I have a number of talented family members that are a constant source of inspiration to draw from; from my mom – who’s always beat to a different drummer with her artistic endeavors, to my aunts – painters, a sculpture and one who was a photographer when I was growing up and who’s work/career I always admired … so much so that I ended up attending the Alberta College of Art & Design in Calgary – majoring in photography (but also finding an interest in jewelry making courses). 


SG: Do you remember the first piece you created that you were really proud of? That piece that made you say, “Yes, this is my calling; I am an artist!”

P&L: I have participated in a number of design challenges over the years, and whenever I do, I realize that this is my calling. With those, you are sent component pieces by other artists that you may not normally work with, and have to create something out of them while still staying true to your style. Some of my favorite pieces have come from these challenges! 


SG: Was there a moment or a decision you made in your career that you feel was a personal success? When did you know that you had something special?

P&L: The first time I ever had a piece published in a magazine was my career success moment! And now, to be sought out by the editors for my submissions is really reinforcing that feeling 🙂

SG: Can you share a story of a time in your journey when you encountered a big set-back or experienced failure, and most importantly, what did you take away from that experience?

P&L: I’m finding that it is an ever evolving process with selling online. Setting up websites, learning the nuances of SEO, keywords, algorithms, etc. sometimes feels like a set-back. It can be frustrating because it seems that there is always something new changing the game and you have to learn it to keep on top of it. I find that more time is spent on that then actually being able to create pieces … if I only had the time to create every idea that’s in my head!

SG: What are you working on right now, or what are you currently obsessed with? 

P&L: Right now, I am currently obsessed with raw gemstones (especially amethyst), tassels and hand-painted/patina pieces.


SG: What is your dream project? If there were no restrictions on time or money what would you create? 

P&L: I would love to try electro-forming!


SG: What’s the one piece that you’ve created that you will always keep?

P&L: The one piece that I’ll always keep is from the 2nd design challenge I did … a coin clasp wrap bracelet (the coin clasp was given to me by a very talented artisan in the UK … Niky Sayers), which has inspired and evolved into a collection of penny wrap bracelets that I’ve become somewhat known for 🙂


SG: How do you keep your creative spark/ What keeps you fascinated? What inspires you?

P&L: Having friends in the creative industries (not necessarily just jewelry, but all creatives) really helps keep that spark alive and fuels ideas. Online groups of like-minded creatives is also awesome for inspiration (like our Boho Babes Tribe!), and my daughter helps with bouncing ideas off of, keeping things fresh, and youthful! I’ve also recently started a brand ambassador program and love the feedback I’m receiving from them 🙂


SG: What is your vision for your business?

P&L: As long as people enjoy (and ultimately purchase!) my pieces, I feel like my vision has been fulfilled. I originally started out hoping that this endeavor could finance our yearly family vacation, and it has succeeded with that goal 🙂


SG: How does it make you feel to know that others are wearing the pieces you’ve created?

P&L: It is such an incredible feeling! A little piece of you goes out there in the world, and it’s amazing seeing someone wearing a piece years later – like it’s coming back home / full circle. A lot of what I create has meaning (either in the piece itself, or for the buyer) and I love hearing their stories that relate to them. Many of them are stories of strength and hope, and it warms my heart so much that the customer has found such meaning and shares it with me! One example just happened a few weeks back, a customer came back to my booth at an annual market and asked if I remembered her from the year before … her mother was battling cancer, and she had bought a hand-stamped bracelet from me with the saying “everything happens for a reason”, because that was something her mother always said to her. She also purchased a wish bracelet at that time and made her wish the moment she put it on. Three weeks after her bracelet wore off, she found out she was pregnant (something they had been trying for, for some time)! And, more good news … her mother was diagnosed as cancer-free! It was so unbelievably incredible that she shared that story with me, I still have tears in my eyes! (SG: OMG! So beautiful!)


SG: Can you describe a single habit that you strongly believe contributes to your success?

P&L: Persistence in ever-learning – whether techniques, online SEO, or Instagram algorithms 😉 Never stop learning!


Thank you, Kristina! You’re pieces are exceptional, and the love and passion that comes through your work is amazing.

If you are as smitten with her work, as I am, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, her website, and a few other places like Tumblr, Twitter, and her blog!

She is also offering my SG followers a special discount code good through November 30th, for 20% off of orders 15.00 or more! Just use code, “seagypsysvardo,” at checkout.

Don’t forget that I’m on Facebook and Instagram, as well. And, please consider subscribing to my blog. It’s easy-peasy, and you’ll always be in the know!

As always, I appreciate you, and hope you all have a fab weekend!

Until next week… love and blessings,

Cherie | Sea Gypsy


4 thoughts on “Featured Friday: Getting to Know Kristina, of Peacock and Lime

  1. Reblogged this on peacock & lime and commented:
    This blog has been a little quiet lately, but that doesn’t mean things haven’t been crazily happening behind the scenes! I hope to catch up with all of the goings’s on as of late soon, but for now I’d like to share an amazing interview/feature written by Cherie of SeaGypsyVardo!


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this week’s installment, Cherie. I am loving reading the human side of the wonderful businesses and artists I have grown to admire. Kristina, I related to everything you described. Oh, how I wish I had time to make everything swimming in my mind too. And I adored your story about your customer who revisted you. That right there…that kind of connection…is the treasure of life. Wonderful job, ladies. I can’t wait to read what you share next, Cherie, and will continue to follow you, Kristina, and see what your mind releases next 💛💛

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